Atlas of Childhood at Risk | 2017 edition

Atlas of Childhood at Risk | 2017 edition 2020-01-17T10:39:24+02:00

Project Description

Story map for the 2017 edition “Letter to school”

Who we worked with

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      Since 2010 Save the Children Italia has published annually the “Atlas of Childhood at Risk”, in order to analyze and describe the situation of the minors in Italy.

      All data and maps collected have been organized also as Open Data and made available to everybody. This favorable action permitted a large-scale spreading of information, easy consultation and download for further processing, studies, and reports drafting.
      Every year an extract from the Atlas is disseminated on web as a story map that integrates texts, interactive maps and images of the Atlas.


      The Story map entitled “Letter to the School”, which represents the abstract of the Atlas of Children 2017, won the ESRI 2018 international award as one of the best story map for the category “Science, Technology and Education”.


      Open Data



      From the 2017 edition the Atlas of Children is published by Treccani.

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