Project Description

A Summer School to train professionals in the archaeological sector and cultural heritage on the use of new technologies to be applied to the enhancement of the Italian historical and cultural heritage.

The first Summer School in Italy dedicated to the use of new techniques and working methods for professionals in the archaeological and cultural heritage sector was organized in collaboration with gisAction. The initiative was launched as a response to an increasingly urgent need, that of introducing new technologies in a strategic sector for Italy, considering the great wealth of the artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage present in our country.

Needs: new methodologies for archaeology

Profesionals in the archaeological and cultural heritage sector need training on new approaches for the study and management of cultural heritage. The new technologies and methodologies for diagnostics, documentation, analysis and monitoring of archaeological contexts and landscapes, in fact, are all tools that can support their work.

The innovative technological tools have allowed the achievement of increasingly precise results, especially in the field of preventive archeology.

The use of new survey methodologies, such as remote sensing, and photo interpretation, becomes fundamental to identify ancient buried sites and obtain very detailed preventive analyzes on the ground.

Solution: a Summer School for training

Grazie a gisAction è stata realizzata la prima Summer School in Italia sul tema dell’utilizzo di nuove tecniche e metodologie di lavoro per i professionisti del settore archeologico e dei beni culturali.

gisAction organized the first Summer School in Italy to train operators in the archaeological sector and cultural heritage on the use of remote sensing. We are talking about an investigation methodology that allows you to study objects or phenomena of the soil or those present in the subsoil without coming into direct contact with them and the ground. The Summer School led the participants to discover new methods of data acquisition aimed at enhancing historical-archaeological heritage.

Basic notions were provided to learn a new workflow for the study of archaeological areas or historical heritage: regulations, acquisition of remote sensing images, processing and analysis.

The main topics covered were the use of satellite and drone remote sensing in preventive archeology, data acquisition methodologies, multispectral sensors, data processing and return techniques in the GIS environment, regulations in Italy and abroad.


The great success of the Summer School has highlighted how much the archaeological and cultural heritage sector needs the support of new technologies alongside traditional methodologies. Remote sensing combined with GIS can provide a very useful investigation tool in preventive archeology.

Who we collaborated with

At the Summer School participated professionals, researchers and students from the world of archeology and the management of cultural heritage.

The training was aimed in particular at specialists in the preventive archeology sector.



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