Technology for Sustainable Development Be part of the common future challenges "We are much more than our happiness.”

GISaction, our solution for Sustainable Development Actors

“Who had left his good mark on earth, had not lived his life pursuing his own happiness. He considered it too small. He saw it, sometimes, but did not stop to pick it up. He preferred to keep walking behind a voice. At the end of the race there won’t be any accumulated happiness, but if something remains, there will be things much more real and serious.

We are much more than our happiness.”

Luigino Bruni

Who We Are

GISaction, a brand of TeamDev, was founded in 2010 to enhance a particular form of Action, belonging to the civil economy, by using the geographical approach.

The civil economy as a model is based on some important principles: reciprocity, gratuity and solidarity that are beyond the supremacy of profit or mere instrumental exchange in economic and financial activity.

What We Do


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Our solutions allow NGOs, at local, national and international scales, local and national governments, businesses,  and all the stakeholders involved in international cooperation and sustainable development to save costs, increase efficiency and enhance communication.

  • NGOs – Non-governmental organizations

  • Global organizations

  • Consulting companies

  • Governmental Cooperation Agencies

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