A website incorporating the first online travel guide of Italian Wind Farms and a map with their locations drawn through GIS technologies.

“Wind Parks” is an online travel guide developed to inform on wind farms tourism and let people discover the Italian Wind Farms, located in almost unknown areas – but still beautiful places – and outside of most popular and crowded tourist circuits. The project is realized by Legambiente with the support of Agsm, Edison, Erg, FERA, RWE, and with the patronage of ANEV (National Wind Energy Association).

The online guide, in English and Italian, presents eleven wind farms chosen by Legambiente in six Italian regions, each one described by interactive maps and information on the characteristics of the equipment, the beauty of the landscapes, the paths that cross the areas, and useful tips on where to sleep, eat and which villages or historical places to visit.

In the coming years, the map will be implemented with additional parks to let people discover other experiences able to demonstrate the big climate challenge can be won by using a clean model of energy production and allocation, able to valorize territories, resources, and the communities that live those places.

Needs: spreading wind culture

The purpose of Legambiente is to spread knowledge on the “Wind Parks” in Italy, to put attention on the sector of renewable energy production, and to promote a new type of tourism with visits to the wind farms and the surrounding territories, not touched by traditional tourism, but that hide suggestive landscape beauties.

The idea of Legambiente is to create a guide that speaks of “wind tourism” to respond to a growing curiosity about these wind systems giving people experiences and discoveries.

Il sito web Parchi del Vento rappresenta la prima guida al mondo sul turismo eolico.

Solution: digital travel guide and parks mapping

gisAction realized the online travel guide of Italian Wind Parks. On the website, 11 Parks across 6 Italian regions are described, from Veneto to Sicily, that represent energy transition laboratories.

A single web page is dedicated to each park that offers the audience all the information to visit the places, with suggestive images, and exposes an interactive and easily navigable map that allows you to explore the territory, the nearby routes, places to visit, and tourist hospitality.

The maps realized by gisAction with GIS (Geographic Information System) technology support the travel guide and the narrative, helping to locate the Parks and the related activities, such as museums, wineries, places to eat and sleep.

Le mappe sono realizzate da gisAction con tecnologia GIS


The “Wind Parks” website is the world’s first guide to wind tourism. It supports the promotion and enhancement of local resources, landscapes, and little-known tourist routes. The Wind Farms, if designed and built with attention, can enhance indoor areas little frequented, focusing on experiential tourism. The website addresses audiences who want new experiences and explore unknown places.

The maps of each park show the route of the path for visiting the wind towers and inform about the activities and tourist infrastructure nearby.

The website is a new and complete travel guide benefitting also local communities.

“Italian landscapes are extraordinarily beautiful, history and diversity, but this guide shows that renewables can integrate and even become an added value for tourism”, explained Edoardo Zanchini, Vice President of the Environmental Association and Editor of the Guide for Wind Parks. “The eleven wind systems we have selected are an invitation to look with curiosity to the Italian territory and find innovative forms of inclusion of renewables energies by involving local communities”.

Who we worked with

Legambiente is an Italian non-profit organization founded in 1980. It’s the most prominent and widespread environmental association in Italy with two headquarters in Rome and Milan, 20 regional coordination offices and more than 600 local groups of volunteers.

Legambiente is a pacifist and independent movement and is not related to any Italian party or institution. It’s supported by more than 115,000 members, donors and by projects and businesses that are in line with the organization’s principles.