Co-participated design of the Storymap realized by gisAction and ASIA, and geo referencing the of target locations where ASIA carried out its activities


ASIA_logoASIA is an international NGO, a humanitarian organization founded in 1988 by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, who was a professor of Tibetan Language and Literature at the University of Naples “L’Orientale” and one of the world’s leading experts in the history, philosophy and spiritual traditions of Tibet.

For 30 years the association has been working in the most remote areas of the Himalayan arc (Tibet, Nepal, India), and in other countries (Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mongolia), to support local populations, build schools, clinics, promote sustainable and eco-compatible agricultural projects, preserving the identity of the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the peoples of the Asian continent.
ASIA also intervenes in the front line following natural disasters that hit the Asian continent, helping the local population, dispensing food and temporary housing, and giving aid the populations to restart. 

Customer needs

Over the years the Association has collected various material (photos, images) related to the projects carried out in Asia.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of ASIA founding, the Association had decided to make its work known through the testimonies collected, using a dissemination tool, which at the same time allows to merge with the identity of the peoples and highlight the ASIA values.
The need was also to make people understand the locations of the villages where the interventions were carried out, remote places, mostly on the Tibetan plateau.

Solution: Story map for disseminating information

gisAction has created a Storymap that invites you to discover the interventions of ASIA in favor of millennial peoples and cultures, to understand what it has done in these 30 years and what remains to be done. Through the Storymap you can travel between continents, move on maps, watch videos, and read stories.

The evocative images and videos lead to distant places full of tradition and spirituality, the texts help explain how the Association has been spent these years, the maps allow to visualize the places where the interventions have been concentrated. Remote places, often unknown, that the maps identify punctually, where ASIA has arrived with its own help.

The Storymap is also a channel to put in contact who wants to support the Association with donations or adoptions.

It is available in Italian and English to promote the knowledge of the projects and the work of the Association throughout the world.

Benefits of the Story map

The Storymap is a useful tool to convey suggestive images and videos, allowing you to display remote locations on the map where ASIA works.

It lists 30 years of projects in a new, engaging way, encouraging reading.