Sanità di Frontiera Onlus

OIS is a non-profit association dedicated to the daily well-being of Italian and foreign citizens to promote a correct lifestyle, with attention to the socio-cultural changes taking place.

OIS operates through constant listening to institutions, doctors, citizens and other sector organizations. In addition to research and action, it works to provide institutions with up-to-date information and data to help them make the best decisions.

The activities are substantiated in a program called Frontier Health which deals with the structural phenomenon of migration. The association underlines that Europe is often unprepared for the management of the phenomenon and for the provision of social services and health services appropriate to the presence of worlds, cultures , believe and different local contexts.

The activities focus on needs related to the dignified insertion of anyone who lives in the territory, starting from the provision of medical and health services, which contribute to ensuring respect for everyone’s individual rights and to creating a spirit of mutual acceptance, constructive exchange, enrichment of values ​​and hospitality. The offer of adequate services can help improve understanding, respect and integration between the diversity in the area.