Second thematic proposal for the training course organized by gisAction in collaboration with the Order of Journalists

The “Introduction to Digital Storytelling” course will be held on November 30th, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, at the Ciuffelli Institute in Todi.
Intended for journalists registered with the Order of Journalists, the training event is included on the national platform and allows earning credits.

A course that offers new tools for digital storytelling

The Storymaps are a digital Storytelling tool that is widely used today and has a great media impact, both for the possibility of spreading on the web, also through social networks, and for the communication of the contents supported by images, videos, thematic maps.

Theoretical and practical training course

The course aims to illustrate the potential of Storymaps as a communication tool for facts, events and data. Participants will be introduced in particular to the use of the main Storymap templates made available by ESRI through the ArcGIS Online platform. The templates are easy to configure and have the peculiarity of giving much emphasis to the presentation of data in the form of a geographical map.

The training day includes a first theoretical part and a second part in which the participants will be able to explore together with the teacher the methods of constructing the storymap in the online platform.


  1. Storymap as a storytelling tool
  2. Build a Storymap using different templates provided by ESRI’s ArcGIS Online platform
  3. Storymap Gallery: examples of storymaps.