GisAction conducted a ten-day mission in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, to present solutions developed within the SISGDP project of AHT.

Our world is constantly evolving and technology is becoming increasingly important in achieving the sustainable development goals. In this context, GisAction recently conducted a ten-day mission in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, to present solutions developed within the SISGDP project of AHT, an engineering consulting company specializing in sustainable development. During the mission, AHT colleagues and agents of the Comoé National Park were trained on geospatial technologies and their potential for achieving the SDGs.

SISGDP project

But what does SISGDP mean? It is a French acronym for “Système d’Information pour la Sécurité et la Gestion à Distance du Projet“, which refers to an international cooperation project by AHT that involves the development of a solution for remote project monitoring. After two years of work, the benefits of SISGDP are already evident for AHT, which now has a solution for project monitoring with just a few clicks, even from thousands of kilometers away. 

WisePark for a real-time monitoring

The WisePark solution, developed for the park rangers, has already produced tangible results thanks to its real-time and geolocated monitoring system. Through the satellite connection of the devices, rangers now have a tool that allows them to communicate quickly and effectively with their superiors. Now that the park management and supervisors have also been trained to effectively use the WisePark solution, the response to critical issues in the park is destined to improve, as well as intra and inter-sector work management.

Discovering the local culture and values

The professional success was accompanied by a pleasant discovery of the local culture and values. The local cuisine delighted us with simple yet tasty dishes, especially the fried plantain, which was superior to any fried food ever tasted. The fresh and dried fruit, particularly pineapples and peanuts, were particularly delicious and hard to beat. We will miss the banquets with bottles filled with peanuts, cashews, and all their toasted or sweet varieties. We never thought we would sayhow much we will miss Ivorian food’. 

Author: Luca Petrone

Luca is a cat lover and a passionate geographer, driven by training and passion, which was fueled by spending countless hours poring over maps during his academic studies and exploring atlases during trips with his parents. In his free time, he indulges his love for exploration by using digital maps to navigate the stunning Umbrian landscape, ensuring that he never gets lost and fully immersing himself in the natural beauty of the area.