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Antonio Natale

I think that in July 2020, with the introduction of the functions for the attribute table, the Map Viewer Beta made its full entry into the world of ArcGIS Online users. For years now used to consulting our data also in the table, not being able to do it with the new Map Viewer was a bit of a half-life experience. Since we have been geographers, we have become accustomed to the idea that data can be seen on the map and on the table. Not finding the famous “attribute table” made the Map Viewer a bit of an advanced CAD.
Source: Map Viewer Beta, Mike Minami

Source: Map Viewer Beta,  Mike Minami

Example by Jim Herries, in Blend Modes for Thematic Maps

But the news of the last Esri conference, which was actually available already on the Map Viewer Beta from June, is the Blend Modes functionality. Something to be amazed by, a real step forward for the creation of unprecedented thematic maps. Watch this YouTube video to better understand the beauty of a map with this feature.
Map Viewer Beta must now be used! It’s always the tables’ fault.

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Author: Antonio Natale
Author: Antonio Natale
Geographer specialized in GIS, remote sensing and sustainable development goals. For over 15 years, he has been working alongside specialists from various fields, public administrations and businesses providing his specialized knowledge and skills in data analysis, GIS design and management of complex projects in which spatial information has a fundamental relevance.
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He is involved in international projects especially in the Balkan area.